personal injury lawsuit formMishaps do happen in life, and probably more frequently than anyone wants to admit. However, that doesn’t take away from the confusion and pain that sometimes happens when an injury or accident claims you or someone you love. If the incident in question is one that leaves you thinking you should explore or protect your legal rights following the incident that occurred, then you likely are going to have a lot of concerns and questions.

Consulting with a personal injury lawyer is a good step to take, sooner rather than later. The earlier you get one in your corner, the sooner they can start advocating on your behalf, defending your rights, and preparing a case to present if need be.

Personal injury lawsuits are not the same as criminal cases. Those are started up by the government. Lawsuits are instead initiated by a plaintiff, or private citizen, against another individual or legal entity, such as a school, government department or agency, business, or an official group of people. The complaint filed alleges that the accused party acted in an irresponsible or careless manner that was somehow connected to the injury or accident that caused you or someone you love harm.

To tell the truth, most lawsuits that get filed never even get close to a courtroom. They are merely done as a threat, even saber rattling if you will. Many situations are resolved early on through a settlement, often negotiated informally. In many cases, settlement offers are actually made without a lawsuit having even been filed yet.

Insurance companies lean on settlements a lot to make matters go quietly away, since trials are expensive affairs, and the awards a judge or jury might offer are far larger than amounts typically settled. A personal injury lawyer can help you get a settlement as well as prepare for a lawsuit, if it proves necessary.